Arrow Turnpike Car

This is a late 1960's Turnpike Car, used at Six Flags over Mid-America near St. Louis between 1971 and 1979.
I had the fun of giving it a complete mechanical and cosmetic restoration.
When I got it, the 7HP Kohler motor was not installed or running. I had to rig a throttle linkage and exhaust, but I got it to run.
The brakes were completely shot, so I had to learn which mid-60's American cars the parts came from.

The car was built by Arrow Development in California, which has since been acquired by one of the top amusement park ride manufacturers.
S & S Power Inc. now makes rollercoasters.

These cars are obscure, so finding parts and information was a challenge.

My car had plastic trailer lights in the rear, but I couldn't find a picture of the original tail lights.
When I found a Turnpike car on eBay, the buyer helped identify his taillights as 1958 Chevy Impala.
Then I found out that Six Flags here in St. Louis had cars that used 1962 Impala taillights.

The headlight rings were rusted and dented, and I had no idea what kind of vehicle they came from.
Then I found one at a swap meet; from an automotive spotlight.
I managed to get a set from the manufacturer. Real cheap.

Originally light blue, the previous owner covered it with a heavy coat of brown.

The Kohler sends power to a brake drum via centrifugal clutch and 2 V-belts.
The brake drum makes a good flywheel, and is bolted directly to a Dana/Spicer differential.

The car is bigger and heavier than you would think.

These cars were used at Six Flags Over Mid-America between 1971-1979.

Other parks that used these cars include Kennywood long ago, Euclid Beach Park in Ohio, and Cedar Point in Ohio until very recently.


Spring 2007 - I found this on Craigslist. No idea what it was.

Summer 2007 - I scoured the Internet for information, and at first thought this vehicle came from Disney's Autopia ride. None of their cars looked like mine.
Then someone sent me the video that I link to on this page. Six Flags. I may have driven this very car in the 70's.

Fall 2007 - The motor now runs; it needed a fuel pump. $89 retail, $24 eBay. Gas tank was cleaned, sealed, and painted.

February 2008 - I guessed the right size for the V-belts. The motor now turns the wheels.

March 2008 - The exhaust was made from 1-inch iron pipe, with a VW bug tailpipe. Still pretty loud.
The steering linkage was sloppy, so I simplified it.

May 2008 - I figured out what the taillights and headlight rings are from. Tracking down reproductions was easy.

June 2008 - We installed a battery. There will now be a horn and working lights.

July 2008 - Test Drive! It runs great. Plenty fast without the body.

August 2008 - I began sanding the body. Just a few small parts to locate/fabricate.

September 2008 - Got it in primer. Chassis is almost finished; changing tires was a hassle.

September 2008 - Now it is painted.

Spring 2011 - Still no windshield attached; looking forward to car shows.

I searched forever for a windshield post. I finally picked up another car just to get a windshield.
Rough shape; I am planning to cast new bases myself.


This car has been alot of fun at car shows.

Vintage 6 Flags video, see 2:10

My second car, which came with an elusive windshield frame. Arrow number 6

A third car that I am currently working on. Car 3

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